I want | abstract rome hi heels

I want, ache, desire, covet…. need United Nude’s Abstract Rome Hi heels. I tried them on in a pop up shop in Toronto last week and haven’t stopped dreaming up outfits since…

Before Night Falls

Before Night Falls
Before Night Falls by theparttimestylist featuring mid heel sandals


Tonights plans, evening drinks – and I don’t know what to wear. If only I could find these pieces in my closet…


Wanderlust by theparttimestylist featuring tortoise sunglasses


When it gets this hot in the city, there’s nothing I’d love more than to head on a summer vacation… reading Vogue Italia had me day dreaming about what I’d wear to roam the streets as a tourist.

LGFW: Day One

Last night was the official opening of LGFW, an event I’ve wanted to attend since I turned 19, but the timing of the shows meant I was always preoccupied with mid terms and assignments – until now! {Full-time job +1, university 0} And yes, that’s a running tally in my head! The night opened with a speeches from FDCC president Robin Kay and title sponsor LG fashion week, both of which spoke to the bold manner in which Canadian designers take on the world of fashion. “Bold without apology” were the exact words said, and the night certainly delivered on the promise. Here are some of my favourite looks.

 While all three runway shows had their standout moments: Denis Gagnon’s novelty print, Smythe’s sorbet orange blazer, lala berlin’s footwear – Arthur Mendonca’s show was by far the highlight of my evening. When I received the press release and read ‘Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra’ as the theme, I started thinking of typical 60’s trends: space age metallics, contrasting colours, brightly coloured prints. And while Mendoca’s collection had all that, it felt very fresh. Save for the turquoise eye shadow and clearly Cleopatra accessories (which were modern in their own right), the show felt inspired not just a reproduction of decade trademarks in honour of the late actress.

Denis Gagnon, Source: FASHION

Denis Gagnon, Source : FASHION

Smythe, Source : FASHION

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From the Front Row

Hi lovelies,

My sincere apologies – I have been quite MIA as of late, but that’s about to change. I started my first full-time job on September 26th, and it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. Between learning tons, and adjusting to waking up every morning before the sun comes up, I forgot to make time for theparttimestylist. To make it up to you, I’ve been hard at work scoring a media pass to Toronto LG Fashion Week! All week-long, I will be attending the SS ’12 shows  at the LG Tents at David Pecaut Square.

I have always wanted to come to this event, but the timing has never worked. My university was two and a half hours away from the city, and Toronto’s FW always fell during mid-term season. This year’s theme is Canada Cool and features some amazing talent. I’m guilty of not spending enough time immersed in the Canadian fashion scene, a habit I plan to break starting tomorrow, but I have long followed a few brands and cannot wait to see their SS 12 collections. My “must” see list includes Chloe comme Parris, JUMA, Pink Tartan, and Mimran’s Joe Fresh.

Tomorrow’s schedule includes a showing from Arthur Mendoςa centered around Elizabeth Taylor’s portrayal of Cleopatra, and I am beyond excited. Mendoça who is known for bold, sexy, and charismatic designs, has created custom prints for this collection that promise a full technicoloured spectrum. He has a history of working with luxurious fabrics, and this season is no exception. Mendoςa will use silks, cottons, and linens to interpret the classic 1963 movie. The 60’s are one of my favourite eras, so I’m excited to see if he picks up some of the decade’s defining looks! I’ll leave you with that for now… I have a week worth of outfits to plan after all, but check back for updates from the front row (yes that’s a little bit of wishful thinking! But I’ll be somewhere among the other bloggers)


Pucci for the Fashion Win

Gwyneth in Pucci

This time next week, I’ll be frantically trying on outfit after outfit in an attempt to decide what to wear on my first day at work. When I started this blog in July, the plan was to redefine my personal style and to post my outfit each morning as I took off for the office. That’s why, when I sat down to watch the Emmy’s tonight, I vowed not to do an Emmy’s post. But then I saw Gwyneth Paltrow. In Peter Dundas for Pucci. 

I am absolutely in love with this two piece gown. In fact, I think it is safe to say that this is my favourite red carpet look! I’m such a sucker for classic, minimalist colours, so immediately I fell for this black and nude sheer outfit. But at second look, it’s really the fresh take on a red carpet dress that got me. I love the long column skirt with the cropped top – its genius in my opinion. Gwyneth’s natural straight hairstyle really played to the boho undertones in the skirt,  and made this ensemble look effortlessly chic. The black lace on nude combination added that little bit of romanticism that made it a perfect choice for the red carpet. 

While on a much more glamourous scale, this dress is similar to a look I pulled from NYFW by Donna Karan. Though completely inappropriate for the 9-to-5, I’m really loving this interpretation of a crop top. My closet is already full of them from last season’s addiction (thank you American Apparel), pairing them with a maxi-length skirt would make for an exciting remix. 

Peter Dundas vowed to bring some sex to the Pucci label when he joined, a promise which provided him with a large celebrity following. This however, is my favourite of his work to date – it definitely shows skin, but in a much more subtle and nuanced way. 

Hope you enjoyed the show -xx.

A New York Minute


Donna Karan

 It’s mid-september, and it is finally beginning to dawn on me that: (1) I graduated from university, (2) that means I’m not going back to school. Without the need to plan out a week’s worth of ‘first-day-of-class’ outfits,  my fall schedule has felt a little bit light… instead of dawning on the fact that I’m a graduate (it sounds scary old), I’ve been filling my time with New York Fashion Week photos and reviews. These looks are my favourite of New York’s fashion offerings, and I can’t wait to build them into 9-to-5 looks come spring.
 I love the ‘preppyness’ to this Milly ensemble. While the trend has certainly been kicking around for awhile, in all black it feels like a very fresh take on the style. With a high ponytail and a pair of court shoes, I think this will be a great look to wear on the weekend.  Always a fan of full-bodied skirt, I also really enjoyed this outfit by Donna Karan. It reminds me of a yellow strapless dress Blake Lively wore this past year, also featuring a circle skirt and a trible print. While I love it with a bandeau-styled top for the weekend, I think it would be perfect for the office with a crisp white blouse.

J Crew

J Crew

If you want to talk about chic office basics that need to reinterpretation, J Crew was definitely the show for you. While the bright colours were bold for Bay St, Toronto’s financial district, the tailoring and shapes were classic. I love bright pink and orange paired together. Both huge colours in terms of SS 12, I first saw this combination in a pair of platform heels from Zara on Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Amplified, this colour combination is even more endearing.  Equally as bright and daring, I like how relaxed and effortless the turquiose top looks paired with the yellow pencil skirt. Adding matching pumps to the ensemble tones down the look and makes it a little more office ready.  

Jenni Kayne

Rebecca Minkoff

Described as a cross between country-club chic and urban athleticism, this look from Jenni Kayne is a standout in my opinion. You can just tell she’s the coolest girl in the room. Perfect for a casual friday, or change the colour of the pant to a deep navy, and you could wear this look all week. I’d keep the way the hair stylist did the model’s hair – sleek, sophisticated, and simple. This candy-coloured orange blazer is equally as chic. I adore the cut and the one button off to the side. Pair over a black sheath for the office, then run home and pair with a pair of brown leather shorts and your set for the night.

That’s the round-up of my favourite looks of NYFW and how I’d adapt them for the office. And while I loved each of these individual looks, my favourite show had to be Christian Siriano! – xx.

Trend Watch: Easter Turquoise

Jill Stuart

Rachel Comey


Neutral colours take up most of the space in my closet: I love a good off-white, beige, camel, grey, and when I’m feeling like colour, a nice pale peach. I’m a little bit better than the picture I am painting, but I prefer muted tones in my clothing, leaving bold colour choices for my nails and lips. With this past SS season, I’ve begun to venture out of my comfort zone… after all, I am only 21 – I can settle into a minimalist, classic look in my 30’s.

With the determination to experiment, I have fallen for this year’s obligatory bright orange, primary red pants, and electric blue. So I was so excited to see bright colours take center stage at NYFW these past few days. A fresh new addition to the colour palette: easter turquoise – seafoam green meets robin’s egg blue. And I love it!

I think an oversized blazer or pencil skirt in this colour would look fabulous against a soft grey knit cardi or a crisp white blouse for the office. How are you feeling about the shade?

IFB Project #13: NYFW Trends

The Row




Jill Stuart

   All photos were sourced from style.com

IFB, for those who aren’t familiar, is an amazing online community of independent fashion bloggers. If you’re interested in starting  your own blog, I highly recommend joining as a member! This week’s IFB Project Series challenges fashion bloggers to predict which NYFW trend will be picked up by editors and become big. My vote: the pyjama. Undoubtedly, glossies will give the trend a more appealing name… but draped, silk pyjama looks littered NYFW SS 12 shows, and cannot be ignored!

Why do I think this trend will catch on? Well, we’ve already seen underwear as outerwear make a big splash in recent seasons. Back then it was about a peek-a-boo bra, lace, and all things film noir, but FW ’11 ushered in a more demure and grown-up lady-like look – therefore, it should be no surprise that the lingerie trend is being reinterpreted and presented as pyjama tops and silk pants. And if that isn’t reason enough, The Olsen Twins at The Row are doing it! Anything that brand gets behind is bound to get major exposure. Their attention to detail is exceptional, their minimalist style impeccable, and the industry has demonstrated (via a CFDA nomination) that they approve.

How would I wear this trend to the office? A flounce-y dress like the purple one from ADAM, with a structured oversize blazer and a serious pair of lady-like mary janes, would make for a cute friday look.  And Doo.Ri’s take on a shirt dress could easily be made into a 9 to 5 look! While I’m not a fan of the pyjama-y blouse paired with a matching pant, I think each piece could be styled into separate outfits to get that effortless, casual chic look.

So there you have it… what has been your favourite emerging trend?

You Know You Love Me

gossip girl on location

Chace caught off guard

Nate and Charlie

If only I was  as witty as the elusive gossip girl blogger… but no clever sayings here: just photos of Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald, acting out a scene outside of The Plaza hotel!

On my second day in New York, my boyfriend and I decided to spend our morning in Central Park. After walking up Madison Ave., we arrived at the foot of the park to a scene. There was camera crew, equipment, and a slowly growing crowd standing around. Needless to say, I was beside myself when I found out Gossip Girl was being filmed that day, and completely unable to hold the camera steady enough to get a clear shot. Lucky for you, I was not travelling alone! 

Charlie and Nate embraced

Source : TV Fanatic

But this is a fashion blog… so gossip girl obsession aside, let’s look at what crazy cousin Charlie is wearing. I have to say I’m not too impressed. I guess she’s not a New York native, but there’s nothing too exciting about her outfit. What do you think? It definitely has a ’70s vibe to it.

p.s. the scene I walked into that threw me off gaurd? Charlie and Nate making out! Can’t wait for the September premiere!

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